What We Do

At DHEO, we offer a variety of programs and services designed to support individuals living with diabetes. 

DHEO is a Charity for people with diabetes and works to improve their lives by providing asistance and Education to help them understand and control their Condition

Educational workshops

 We offer a range of workshops on topics such as nutrition, exercise, and stress management, to help individuals learn more about how to manage their diabetes.


 We offer a variety of resources on diabetes management, including guides, fact sheets, and webinars.

Support groups

 We provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals with diabetes to connect with others and share experiences and coping strategies.


To provide people living with diabetes adequate information on diabetes and its care such as exists in other parts of the world. And to provide advice on the necessary dietary changes needed to keep diabetes under control.

To seek to influence and bring about government intervention in the care of people living with diabetes by means of subsidies on diabetes drugs,
establishment of specialist management centres and promotion of research and development studies into the cause; prevention, treatment and cure of diabetes and its various complications.

To organise health education and educate the general public to understand the health problems associated with diabetes and to encourage people to take an interest in the welfare of diabetics.
To assist, care and support critically ill people living with diabetes within our local communities and hospitals.

To support and promote any cause, organization or body which would further promote the aims and objectives of DHEO and to minimise the spread of diabetes.